The Dead Center

The Dead Center / USA, 2018
Dir: Billy Senese



In a dark morgue one night, an unidentified suicide victim comes to life and hides nearby. The next day, Edward, the coroner who’s supposed to perform the autopsy, can’t find the corpse of this “John Doe.” Instead, the revived man is found by Daniel, a psychiatrist who, believing he’s a catatonic amnesiac, signs him into a hospital ward, ignorant of the fact that the man was previously dead. Completely unaware of each other, Edward and Daniel each start to seek answers to the same, unsettling case from the opposite ends of this hypnotic and horrifying mystery.


Length 1h 33'
Subtitles EST
Cast Shane Carruth, Bill Feehely, Jeremy Childs
Production Sequitur Cinema, Movie City Films, LC Pictures
Awards and festivals Los Angeles, Glasgow, Brüssel/Brussels
Programme Main Programme
Genre õudus, thriller

Sat, 27.04.

21:30 - Big Hall