The Wind

The Wind / USA, 2018
Dir: Emma Tammi



Lizzy, a settler in the late 1800s, accompanies her husband Isaac in an effort to cultivate a desolate stretch of the American Western frontier. Living in an isolated house on the plains, her husband constantly away for work, and the growing demands of her domestic existence soon begin to take a toll on Lizzy who insists an evil presence is after her. When a couple of young newlyweds take up residence in a nearby cabin, Lizzy finds comfort in confiding her fears in the unhappily married Emma. But the couple’s own strange experiences only make her paranoia grow stronger.

The Wind is a refreshing twist on the Western genre. It’s about the women who stay home instead of the men who head out. This is combined with folklore horror, in which suggestion is more important than reality. A non-linear narrative structure, oppressive images of the endless landscape and dissonant music make The Wind a mood-filled film that unsettles, without revealing too much.


Length 1h 26'
Cast Caitlin Gerard, Miles Anderson, Julia Goldani Telles
Production Soapbox Films, Divide/Conquer, Mind Hive Films
Awards and festivals Toronto, Fantastic Fest, Stockholm, Rotterdam
Programme Main Programme
Genre horror, western

Fri, 26.04.

21:45 - Big Hall