This is Russia’s answer to “American psycho”, except more crazy, more brutal and more… funny. “Russian psycho” – on screen at the Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival for the first and last time.

There has been a lot of talk in Russia about writer-director Grigoriy Konstantinopolskiy’s satirical thriller “Russkiy Bes” aka “Russian Psycho”.  It’s been called a dark existential satire piece about modern Russian society, essentialy a black comedy film about how nothing has changed in the lives of Russian people despite the state reform and all the government propaganda about patriotism, Orthodox christianity and russian values. People still think one thing, say another and do something entirely different.

“It’s the most demented, brutal and controversial film to come out in recent years that avoids using any stereotypes,” claims the independent Russian TV channel Dožd.

Svjatoslav Ivanov is an artist who loves Asja. Asja’s father is a banker. Svjatoslav decides to open a restaurant to make more money and to be able to give Asja the lifestyle she is used to. Unfortunately a lot of obstacles stand in the way of the young hero, and he decides to wage war against them. The main character Svjatoslav, in this eccentric movie full of references to pop culture and classic Russian literature references, is played by one of Russia’s most renowned young actors, Ivan Makarevitš, son of singer Andrei Makarevitš. 

The film’s 100 000 euro budget was partially covered via crowdfunding, as the Russian government did not support the making of this movie. Many of the film’s more well-known actors worked for free: all thanks to Grigoriy Konstantinopolskiy’s reputation, that started with his criminal comedy film “8 ½ $” reflecting the pivotal 1990s in Russian history, which gained cult status in Russia almost 20 years ago when it was first released.

“Russian psycho” won best director at Russia’s own international film festival Kinotavr. The film has only been out in Russia for a month and a half.

Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival runs on April 25th until 28th of this year. Festival passes available here.

See the trailer here: